15 Best Websites to Learn Japanese in 2023

best websites to learn Japanese

Looking for the best websites to learn Japanese? We’ve gathered a list of the 15 best Japanese learning websites to level up your Japanese skills. Some are more comprehensive, such as LingoDeer, Duolingo, Tofugu, etc., while others are more specific, such as Weblio, OJAD, etc. With these 15 websites, learning Japanese online by yourself is totally possible. If you prefer using a cell phone, we have also selected many excellent Japanese apps to help you reach your goal faster.

With all the great resources out there, I’m sure you can pick up Japanese without going to Japan or paying for pricy language schools. Now without further ado, let’s get started!


Target group: all learners

LingoDeer is a comprehensive website where you can learn Japanese (and several other languages) while having fun. It helps you improve Japanese grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and listening skills with bite-sized lessons curated by professional teachers. Actually, you are now reading this article on LingoDeer’s blog, which is dedicated to bringing you all the great stuff on language learning and different cultures. If you prefer using mobile, the LingoDeer app is also well-received for learning the Japanese language. Take a look!

Link: https://www.lingodeer.com/

LingoDeer website




Target group: newbie to intermediate

Duolingo is one of the most famous language-learning websites. The best part is that you can learn the Japanese language on its website and app, and the data is interoperable. Similar to LingoDeer, Duolingo can help you learn Japanese with game-like lessons. The mascot, Duo, a little owl, will accompany you during your learning journey! And also, all the content Duolingo offer is free, which is super suitable for beginners with limited budgets.

Link: https://www.duolingo.com/


Nihongo eな

Target group: all learners

Nihongo eな (いいな) is a portal site for learning Japanese. It doesn’t offer any content itself but systematic and organized study resources. In other words, this website can be your guiding sign when you enter the door of the Japanese language world. The catalog comprises basic skills—reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary, and grammar. For each category, a bunch of free recourses is available. 

Link: https://nihongo-e-na.com/jpn/



Target group: all learners

Tofugu is a really systematic and comprehensive Japanese learning website. You can learn Japanese from zero to advanced there. The best part of Tofugu is its grammar teaching, which is composed of many detailed articles written in English. Please try it if you still need help with problematic Japanese grammar, such as verb conjugation or honorific prefix. Its spin-off, WaniKani, is dedicated to teaching kanji, but not for free.

Link: https://www.tofugu.com


Verbs Nihongo

Target group: intermediate to advanced

As the name implies, it’s a tool website for Japanese verbs. Many Japanese learners find verb conjugation in Japanese is mind-twisting. If it bothers you as well, this website can help you out. It’s more like a dictionary of verb conjugation, by which you can look up the 17 conjugations of every verb.

Link: https://verbs.nihongonosensei.net/

verbs nihongo

Online Japanese Accent Dictionary (OJAD)

Target group: all learners

Although Japanese is thought to have almost the simplest pronunciation in the world, it’s still hard to speak Japanese like native speakers. To reach such a goal, you need to pay more attention to the Japanese accent and pitch. According to its Introduction, OJAD is an online Japanese accent database for learners and teachers of Japanese. A guideline of Japanese pronunciation that I composed before also draws on much of OJAD’s resources. 

Link: https://www.gavo.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/ojad/eng/pages/home



Target group: newbie to intermediate

This is a website for learning Japanese from zero to intermediate level. Unlike Tofugu, which mainly explains Japanese knowledge through articles, this website is more practice-oriented, and many exercises are available there. A spaced repetition system is integrated into this site and ensures all of the items you learn are moved from fragile short-term memory into more secure long-term memory.

Link: https://www.nihongosensei.net/

nihongo sensei

Online Japanese Tests

Target group: newbie to intermediate

This website is simple in design and rich in content. You can do lots of exercises according to different types there, such as grammar, vocabulary, kanji, listening, and reading. It doesn’t require you to register or any preliminary process, which means you may practice immediately as long as you open it. This website can be an excellent tool to reinforce what you have learned from textbooks or elsewhere.

Link: https://test.u-biq.org/

online japanese tests

Weblio dictionary

Target group: all learners

Dictionaries are necessary when we are trying to learn new languages. Weblio dictionary is highly recommended for looking up Japanese terms, by which you can search not only for ordinary words but also idioms and slang. If you are an advanced learner, it is best to understand Japanese in Japanese, just like native speakers. Otherwise, you may need to switch it to a Japanese-English dictionary—click the button “英和・和英辞典” on the top of the page.

Link: https://www.weblio.jp/



Target group: advanced learners

Wajikan is a free website for introducing Japanese traditional culture and customs. You can also expect to learn many Japanese language facts there, especially etymology-related knowledge. I enjoy reading ancient Japanese mythology and urban legends there. However, unfortunately, this website requires a relatively high level of Japanese, as there is no English translation, and neither is furigana. It could be said that most of the readers are native speakers.

Link: https://wajikan.com/



Target group: all learners

Sometimes we need some motivation to keep learning a new language! It’s not a big deal, especially when we get frustrated sometimes in our learning journey. Well, the website Matcha is a great website for fun! It provides interesting information on travel in Japan, such as the introduction of scenic spots, cultural events, and hotel details. Trust me, browsing beautiful sceneries in Japan can dramatically boost your enthusiasm for learning Japanese. Although I have yet to use it, it’s highly recommended by my friends.

Link: https://matcha-jp.com/en



Target group: newbie to intermediate

edewakaru is a simple website that combines Japanese knowledge with interesting manga! You can memorize a lot of vocabulary and grammar through vivid pictures and plots there. Everything is hard in the beginning, and so is the language. Please give it a try if you are struggling with basic Japanese vocabulary or grammar!

Link: https://www.edewakaru.com/



Target group: intermediate to advanced

NHK means Japan Broadcasting Corporation. It’s Japanese national television, just like BBC in the UK and NBC in the US. But of course, you can learn the Japanese language through it. However, it may be hard for beginners to watch or listen to programs made for native speakers. As the study progresses, you will be able to understand the programs better, by which your Japanese language skills will improve quickly. 

Link: https://www.nhk.or.jp/



Target group: intermediate to advanced

The Japanese language can be many learners’ work language—at least, it is for me. When it comes to work, writing Japanese emails or letters is essential. It may be very troublesome due to the extremely complicated honorific system in the Japanese language. Letter110 is a free website for writing Japanese emails (letters). It offers text examples for different uses, such as New Year’s Greetings, Graduation Greetings, and Housewarming Messages.

Link: https://www.letter110.net/



Target group: newbie

Marugoto is a Japanese-learning website supported by the famous Japan Foundation, which also hosts the JLPT exam. The contents offered are divided into different levels, from zero to A2. At each level, you can learn conversation, kanji, and grammar. The main idea of this website is to teach daily life Japanese rather than exams. 

Link: https://marugotoweb.jp/ja/index.php



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Steve Sorrell
Steve Sorrell
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Japanesepod101 has to be near the top of this list