Dear Deer, How Can I Make That New-Year Momentum Last?

You might have taken a break from learning because you feel there’s been little progress or life simply gets too busy.

Do you ever wonder how some LingoDeer members keep up a streak like 365 days?

Here’s a tip on how to stay motivated throughout 2020 — find your aha moment.

Just like you, at first, many LingoDeer users faced difficulty learning a foreign language, but with their effort and our help, they discovered their AHA moment

in using the language to connect with love ones;

in their classroom at school;

in consuming media content in a new language;

in remembering important personal stories…

Anyone can learn a new language if the motivation is strong!

Now pick up your phone and launch LingoDeer’s 5 minute review quiz and pick up where you left off.

We look forward to reading your AHA moment soon. 😉

See you there!

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11 thoughts on “Dear Deer, How Can I Make That New-Year Momentum Last?”

  1. Thank you, right now I have a lot in my hands, so that’s why I’m going through a break from learning a new language, but I promise that as soon as I get more time, I’ll continue with this journey, thank you for being concerned and considered!

  2. Wanna hear a secret🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫

    The fact that lingo deer sends me more texts than my friends motified me😜
    Thank u for reading

  3. Iam really didn’t expect at all that i will be able to speak japanese i thought it’s too hard to learn a new language but lingo deer really made it too easy to learn .
    Thank you for reading.

  4. To be honest, when I lost my 200+ day streak I lost the motivation to keep up with the streaks. But I’m still studying my target language not only through this amazing app when I can but through other materials.

    Thank you Lingodeer. You have helped me more than some other materials I used to use until I discovered you. Keep up the good work!

  5. I’ve simply got busy with life and studies, some days I’m unmotivated but I promise I’ll try to pick myself back up and continue when I can.

  6. i am really happy that i can read korean but i still cant speak but thanks to lingodeer i am learning hiw to speak ill try my best to make my dream

  7. The Dolphin Boy

    I personally have some problems with depression, that have made me stop from any of my hobbies that I have been doing over these last months. It’s a real pain in the ass to be honest, and I know I won’t be able to do anything until it goes away

  8. Thank you lingodeer you have helped me to understand words and things in French Istill new
    In this language but I am working to be better I love French language I really recommend for you ❤

  9. I lost my motivation when my chance to go to Korea fell through. But my love of the country and culture perseveres and my motivation to learn again is coming back in bursts. After my summer quarter ends I think I will start studying Korean again 🙂

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