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Do you have questions about LingoDeer app functions? Here is a quick guide from our customer support team on some of the useful features of LingoDeer app you may not know about. For a complete guide, check out our FAQ.

Hi there! I’m one of the new customer service staff at LingoDeer. Getting to know the app well enough to do my role wasn’t as easily intuitive as I’d assumed.

And I figured I couldn’t be the only one, so I put together this Study Guide to step you through using LingoDeer.

Here’s a bit of my back story.

Naturally, one of the first things I did to get up to speed was to start using the app…

I choose to start with Arabic, and was stumped at the first question:

This was pretty much what was going on in my head:

“I don’t even know my letters yet, 

and you’re testing me already?!”

“Are you expecting me 

to learn through trial and error?”

Then I realized that if I’d done things in the right order (or at least not been so worried about not making mistakes), I wouldn’t have had to go through all that stress. And found some cool functions that made the lessons easier.

Check out Things to Know Before You Start to avoid my pitfalls and to discover some helpful hints.

Of course, I eventually read the FAQs, which helped, but I still managed to miss things which, theoretically, should have been blindingly obvious…

Like, where in the world are the Flashcards???

So, if you’re like me and have trouble finding where things are (or, let’s be honest, aren’t even sure of all the features LingoDeer has), check out Where and What Things Are.

Later, after I’d accumulated a reasonable number of lessons, I found out I hadn’t been using the ‘Review’ tab properly. Did you know it’s not actually your first point of call for revision?

I also discovered that I could change the audio speed in lessons. And that I didn’t have to manually skip speaking questions when I wasn’t in a position to do them.

Plus, there were also a choice of options for speaking practice, offline learning and so on that made studying with LingoDeer easy to tailor to my needs.

Here are some of the Learning and Practice Options.

Hope you’ve found this helpful! For the full Study Guide, click here.


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