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We often receive emails from deer learners about our other practice app – LingoDeer Plus (DeerPlus for short). Does LingoDeer Plus mean LingoDeer premium? Can I use LingoDeer without DeerPlus? If you also have questions like these, read on to learn more about LingoDeer Plus: what it provides, why we designed it, subscription models…

Without further ado, let’s move on to see what is LingoDeer Plus.

What is LingoDeer Plus

If we have to describe LingoDeer Plus using only one word, that is “games”. LingoDeer Plus is a fun, gamified language practice app for learners of Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish, Chinese, and German. It’s available for mobile users only. Take a look at DeerPlus on Google Play or App Store!

LingoDeer Plus app logo

Unlike traditional language practice apps, DeerPlus doesn’t just help users practice key vocabulary and phrases, it also pays close attention to one of the most important parts of language learning, comprehension. Each game is kept under 90 seconds so you have to try decoding, interpreting, and responding to information very quickly just like in real life. With a deer-themed narrative behind each short game in LingoDeer Plus, mastering tricky grammar points like verb conjugation and particles is also no longer a tedious task.

DeerPlus provides 11 games in total, each tailored for a specific language skill including but not restricted to spelling, listening, and reading. The table below summarises the types of games and the relevant skills they are intended for.

VocabularyWord ExpressReading Vocabulary
Memory CastleListening Vocabulary
Drifting LettersSpelling
GrammarGrammar TunesComprehensive Grammar
Sea of Verbs
Verb Conjugation
Particle WorkshopParticles
PhrasesPhrasal ConstructionForm Phrases
Stream of PhrasesForm Sentences
IntegratedSpeed ReplyListening Comprehension
Match to AdvanceReading Comprehension
DialoguesListening Comprehension

Why we designed LingoDeer Plus

Another question we often hear is why we designed LingoDeer Plus despite a pretty self-sufficient LingoDeer app.

As language learners ourselves, we know there is no shortcut in achieving fluency. Memorizing vocabulary, practicing verb conjugation, learning spelling… There are so many moments in language learning when we have no one to turn to but ourselves. Flashcards, grammar tables, vocabulary lists, etc. will accompany most language learners a long way until they progress to a higher level.

The last thing we want to see is these repetitive practices in the beginning stages of language learning discouraging you from accomplishing something bigger. So we combined them with what you will never get bored with – games

practice languages with LingoDeer Plus

To develop LingoDeer Plus, every member on our team started learning another new language so we can again think from your perspective, and choose a collection of skills you need to practice the most. From vocabulary, phrases, to tricky grammar points and comprehension skills, DeerPlus is designed to help you reinforce key language skills and improve in a smoother way.

But what’s the main difference between LingoDeer and LingoDeer Plus, you may ask. If LingoDeer is a structurally designed textbook, then LingoDeer Plus is an additional workbook. The former has everything you need to get acquainted with 12 languages, while the latter is a fun, challenging tool to aid you to digest what you’ve learned, further expand knowledge, enhance language skills, and prepare for tests.

Can I use only one of them? Of course, yes! Both LingoDeer and DeerPlus cover A1 to B1 level materials but follow totally different learning paths. As a result, you can use either one of them or both together according to your own study needs. 

difference between LingoDeer and LingoDeer Plus

If you are already a LingoDeer user, you’ll be automatically assigned a basic DeerPlus account, which can be accessed with your LingoDeer login method. However, LingoDeer Plus is not a must as the main app is pretty self-sufficient and can accompany your language learning journey for a long time. It has professionally curated curricula, AI-assisted dialogues, different learning and review modes for you to get acquainted with a new language and start smoothly. Interested in knowing how to make the most out of the main LingoDeer app? Check out our quick tips on how to study with LingoDeer.

If you already have a main learning resource (e.g. apps, classes, textbooks) but wish to reinforce language skills, then don’t hesitate to practice with DeerPlus. If still unsure if DeerPlus is for you, give it a try for 1 month and you’ll know its worth:)

LingoDeer Plus Pricing

Like LingoDeer, we don’t want to compromise your learning outcomes with LingoDeer Plus. We’ve put in a lot of time and effort in order to make every minute you spend with LingoDeer Plus count. So we kindly ask for a small subscription fee for full access to LingoDeer Plus, which is also separate from your LingoDeer subscription.

LingoDeer Plus Pricing (Dec 2021)

– Monthly subscription for $8.99

– Quarterly subscription for $19.99

– Annual subscription for $54.99

*Pricing may vary depending on your location.

What DeerPlus Users Say

With an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5, LingoDeer Plus is undoubtedly one of the best language practicing apps. Let’s hear what DeerPlus users say!

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 LingoDeer plus is so captivating and easy! It’s so useful and it helps me remember my Korean vocabulary in a fun and educational way. I’m very happy to be using LingoDeer+ and LingoDeer! I’ve been with LingoDeer for quite a long time and to be honest, I deleted many of my other language learning apps because it did not help me the way LingoDeer did! I love this new app!

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 All the games are so fun! The levels and games all fit together so you learn the vocab words and the grammar. I used the other app and a lot of their grammar points are reinforced in this app. I am really glad I decided to buy it because I finally found an app that makes me feel like I’m challenging myself without making me furious.

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 It contains the key skills you need to enhance and help you move forward a lot easier. I feel my time spent on this app is truly worth it! I’m using it to prepare for an exam and so far it’s working very well! 


Interested in giving DeerPlus a try yourself? Check it out now on Google Play or App Store


Takeaway: LingoDeer Plus is not the premium version of LingoDeer. It is a gamified language practice app designed by the LingoDeer team. DeerPlus has its own database and progression that covers A1 to B1 level for 6 languages (Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish, Chinese, and German). It can be paired with any main learning source to enhance your comprehensive language skills in a fun and effective way.

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Peter M.
Peter M.
24 days ago

I once tried to Learn Chinese, but had difficulty with hearing and saying the various tones.

20 days ago

I find this app very useful for trying to learn Korean and Japanese

15 days ago

this app is easy to use. currently studying Japanese :>

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