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Are you a writer who has in mind a story about language learning? Do you have a social media account with followers interested in learning another language? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s talk about how we can collaborate!

Since 2017, LingoDeer has been making language learning fun and effective. We’ve been hailed as the best app for learning Asian languages, thanks to our stellar Korean, Japanese, and Chinese courses. With an overall rating of 4.8 on App Store, LingoDeer has already helped more than 20 million users, and we are ready for more!

First, let’s take a look at the 3 main apps in the LingoDeer family.


LingoDeer is a popular language learning app with comprehensive courses for 12+ languages. Bite-sized lessons, engaging course content, and succinct grammar tips make language learning with LingoDeer an amazing experience.

LingoDeer Plus

LingoDeer Plus (or DeerPlus for short) is a gamified practice app for learners of Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, French, and German. With a variety of fun vocab- and grammar-based games, LingoDeer Plus is perfect for improving overall language skills. 


iDeerKids is an animated app designed to help young learners (aged 3-8) grasp the English alphabet, phonics, key vocabulary, and simple sentences. iDeerKids’ intuitive user interface is perfect for independent learning. iDeerkids is Teacher Approved by Google Play in 2021.

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What our users say:

With LingoDeer, I finally discovered the Korean script and basics of Japanese, I can read the texts written by my Korean colleagues!

Satisfying that I can learn many languages at a reasonable price less than a tenth of what language centers charge!

This is hands down the best app I’ve used for learning a different language. It has all these fun lessons and games, and makes everything very interesting. I wish I had used this app sooner!

What news outlets say about LingoDeer:

Business Insider, a financial and business news website, recommended LingoDeer for learning Korean (Oct 2021) [link]

YourStory, a big platform for startup stories, reviewed and recommended LingoDeer (Sep 2021) [link]

PC Mag, a leading authority on technology reviews, mentioned LingoDeer as one of the best apps for 2021 (Dec 2020) [link]

During Covid, LingoDeer went free to facilitate remote learning (Mar–Jun 2020) [link] [link]

Beebom, a tech media that covers latest technology reviews, recommended LingoDeer (Jan 2020) [link]

LingoDeer won User’s Choice Apps in 2018 by Google Play (Nov 2018) [link]

LingoDeer won Android Excellence Program (Jul 2018) [link] [link]

What bloggers say about LingoDeer:

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