16 Korean Acronyms to Spice up Your Text Messages

Korean Acronyms
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When chatting in Korean, have you ever come across short texts that look like parts of Korean characters and don’t know what they mean? Don’t worry, they are just like BTW, FYI, IDK, LOL in English which often confuse language learners. Perhaps there is some truth in saying it’s not until you understand the acronyms in a new language that you truly acquire that language.

While I’m sure you’ll gradually learn these acronyms as you progress in Korean learning, in this article, I’ll present you with 16 most often used Korean acronyms to help you get familiar with them in advance!

Now let’s start!


Acronym English Korean
ㅇㅇ Yes 응응 
ㄴㄴ No 노노
ㅇㅋ Ok 오케이
ㄱㅅ Thank you 감사
ㅁㄹ I don’t know 몰라
ㄱㄱ Go go 고고
ㄱㄷ Wait 기달


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Acronym English Korean
ㅎㅇ Hi 하이
ㅂㅂ Bye-bye 바이바이


Acronym English Korean
ㄷㄷ Shocked (amazement or fear) 덜덜
ㅋㅋㅋ LOL 크크크
ㅎㅎㅎ hahaha (laughing sound) 하하하
ㄲㅈ Go away 꺼져
ㄷㅊ Shut up 닥쳐


Acronym English Korean
ㅇ? Why? 왜?
ㅇㄷ Where? 어디

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We welcome reposting, but a link back to the original is required.
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