LingoDeer Guest Blogging Guidelines

Hi! Thank you for being interested in contributing to! We are always excited to hear you wish to share your experience and expertise in language learning with our audiences.

Before you submit your article, please take a few minutes to read the below guidelines.

Basic quality guidelines:

  • Original: Guest articles should be original and not published before on LingoDeer blog or anywhere else. They should not be reused on other sites once published on LingoDeer blog.
  • Value: Make sure to provide great value to language learners in your article so it is more likely to be read and shared.
  • Article length: To fully address a topic, we suggest your article to fall between 1500 and 2500 words.
  • Writing: All guest articles should reflect the writing style of LingoDeer Blog, which is helpful, in-depth, clear, and engaging. Also, please double-check any grammar or spelling mistakes before submitting.
  • Credit: Give credit to any data, quotation, or media from outsource content.
  • Link: Link to at least 2 other LingoDeer blog posts in your article.
  • Promotional content: In general, use no more than 1 promotional link to businesses related to language learning (travel, translation, study abroad…) Please disclose with us any promotional content in the article and make sure they are relevant to the topic. The final determination is at the discretion of LingoDeer Blog. 
  • Author: Please provide 2~3 sentences briefly introducing the guest author.

LingoDeer blogging team reserves the right to:

  1. Reject contributions that don’t meet our quality standards
  2. Edit and adapt your guest post as we see fit
  3. Update your post in the future
  4. Include CTA to LingoDeer products

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