TOP 5 Language Learning Tips: Learn from the best!

Learning a foreign language can be a daunting task if you don’t know the right methods or have the right tools. So in order to maximum your language learning outcome, we asked some of our proficient users to share their insights on language learning. The learning tips they provide could very well make YOUR experience with LingoDeer more special, or shed some light on language learning methods in general if you’re not a Deer member. So buckle up and get ready for…

Top 5 Language Learning Tips




When you want to learn a language, it’s really important to repeat what native speakers say, again and again, until you actually acquire the way how to say it properly.

— Nishimatsu Kiyomi, teacher, voice actor, musician and language enthusiast better known as Sora The Troll on YouTube

Shadow speaking practice on language learning app LingoDeer
Story from the first unit of our Korean course. It’s never too early to speak up!

LingoDeer Shadow Speaking function is a real treat for someone who’s sick and tired of speaking into the void – or, in other words, for any beginner or even intermediate language learner. 

Not all of us can afford expensive and time-consuming language classes, and not every language teacher, saddled with a dozen novices at the same time, has the opportunity to correct your pronunciation. 

The Shadow Speaking function takes care of that by letting you read aloud along with native speakers and compare your pronunciation to theirs! 




I recommend you find some way to sort of get your hands on the language, to touch it, to hear it, to play with it, and I think [LingoDeer] is a really good app for that.

— Jeremy, creator team member of Motivate Korean, an online language community for committed learners

Memory training doth not true learning make! Don’t waste your time on memorizing words and machine-translated sentences – be productive in your studies. 

Here at LingoDeer, we give our users an opportunity to not only speak, but also write. Once you type something out, you will be less likely to forget it, so press that sweet “Let me type” button and get to work!

Typing exercises on language learning app LingoDeer
Learn to type in Russian (and other languages) like a pro!

And if you feel like typing in your target language is impossible (which is a common, if unfounded, concern for learners of Japanese and Chinese), take a look at our blog – we have handy guides for setting up your keyboard like gods of studying intended 😉



[LingoDeer] will lead you all the way up through, until you know the more advanced grammar structures as well as vocabulary… Ooh, I see there are grammar notes! There are proper explanations in English as well!

— Miku, native speaker and teacher of Japanese, host of Miku Real Japanese channel on YouTube

A lot of language schools and teachers, as well as language learning apps, seem to be infatuated with the idea of learning a language “like a child would” – via full immersion and constant repetition. What they never seem to consider is that even for children living in a perfect language environment, it takes literal years to start sounding remotely human; that for many, such an environment is nothing more than a pipe dream; and that, of course, none of us working adults have “a preschooler’s level of language proficiency” as the end goal. 

The biggest appeal of this “childlike” approach is that it saves the teacher a lot of energy that would otherwise go to explaining grammar – but here at LingoDeer we aren’t afraid of a little challenge! 

Learning tips on language learning app LingoDeer
Learning Tips for the first unit of our Japanese course~

On LingoDeer, every unit of every language course starts with succinct Learning Tips that will break complicated concepts down into digestible info.

And if you’re a long-read type of person, be sure to subscribe to our blog where we post in-depth articles about different languages, cultures, and more~



You can [review] via flashcards where you select if the flashcard is “bad” for you or “good” in the sense that you don’t remember it or you know it very well. 

— Lindie Botes, a polyglot and YouTuber based in Singapore

Reviewing material you have recently (or not so recently) learned is the key to successful retention of knowledge… Made you stifle a yawn here, didn’t we? Luckily, the actual review process pn LingoDeer won’t be this dull! 

LingoDeer has algorithms for selecting specific words and sentence patterns you seem to have the most trouble with, so you will always have to stay on your toes! But if you aren’t in the mood, you have the option of skipping flashcards and doing practice lessons instead – whichever works best for you.


And finally, last but not least…



If you want to pay for one thing that allows you to practice, check yourself, do exercises as well as have grammar printouts to read and to hear your voice against natives… if you want one place that does all of those things for you, LingoDeer is where it’s at.

— review from Gladly Global, a company run by passionate youth dedicated to promoting polyglotism

Check out our best deals at and make the first step on your language learning journey! You won’t have to worry about a thing – we, as well as our top-quality audios, native-provided material, exiting exercises, and well-structured lessons, will support you along the way 😀

language learning app LingoDeer
LingoDeer web-version. See you there <3


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