10 Best Apps to Learn Korean (2023)

If you are interested in Korean culture and wish to learn the Korean language but don’t want to take traditional Korean classes, you’ve come to the right place! Thanks to the advancement of technology, now you can access Korean language lessons at your fingertips with plenty of functional Korean learning apps!

To save you the time and effort you’d need to investigate truly helpful language apps, the LingoDeer team has sifted through the 10 best Korean learning apps on the market in 2023. No matter which level of Korean learner you are, you can find an app suitable for you here!

Let’s take a look!

Overall Best App to Learn Korean: LingoDeer

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 on App Store

Key features:

  • 100% native audio
  • Well-designed curricula
  • Detailed grammar explanations

Most suitable for: beginner and intermediate Korean learners

Price: Free with limited functions, premium starts from $6.66 per month

LingoDeer is the most comprehensive Korean learning app you can find. From writing and listening to speaking and reading, LingoDeer has got you covered on every aspect of Korean learning.

LingoDeer follows a building block approach that helps you sense your achievements as you progress through each lesson. It also has a built-in reward system that keeps encouraging you to learn Korean consistently. You can join the leaderboard, win badges, and interact with the cute mascot deer, all of which make Korean learning with LingoDeer an enjoyable experience.

Unlike many other apps that use random translation-based materials, LingoDeer’s Korean lessons are designed by language teachers with a scientific curriculum. Each lesson is tailored to address a key language point, integrating grammar, vocabulary, sentences, and culture organically. With a strong focus on East Asian languages, LingoDeer also does a great job in teaching you the Korean writing system and nuances in pronunciation.

Having tried many Korean learning apps, LingoDeer is overall the best one that is worth investing your time and money in. With intricate lessons and well-designed practices, it actually teaches you Korean in a cost-effective manner.

Best Korean learning app LingoDeer

Try LingoDeer: Android | iOS | web 


Best App to Learn Korean with Immersion: Rosetta Stone

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 on App Store

Key features:

  • Classical Korean lessons with a focus on speaking
  • Real-life expressions learned in contexts
  • Additional functions like tutoring and community

Most suitable for: beginner to intermediate Korean learners

Price: premium starts at $9.17 per month

Rosetta Stone is a classic langauge learning program that started as early as the 20th century. It began with books and audio lessons and now includes video lessons and a mobile app.

Rosetta Stone’s backbone teaching method is immersion – that is, learning languages through context. Rosetta Stone provides speaking-focused short lessons with native audio and rich images. As you progress, you encounter previously learned language points repetitively and solidify your memory.

Rosetta Stone also has a tutoring function where you can practice Korean with native speakers. It’s an awesome place for beginners to start speaking Korean and gain confidence.

Rosetta Stone’s Korean learning content is also pretty flexible. It allows you to customize learning by choosing your focuses (listening, writing, speaking, reading), current Korean level (beginner intermediate, advanced), and audio type (male, female, child)

Best Korean learning app Rosetta Stone

Try Rosetta Stone: web | Android | iOS

Best App to Learn Korean for Fun: Duolingo

Rating: 4.7 out of 5 on App Store

Key features:

  • Gamified lessons
  • Cute mascot and characters
  • Budget-friendly

Price: Free with ads or premium at $6.99 per month

Most suitable for: all levels of Korean learners

Speaking of language learning apps, you must have heard of Duolingo, the largest language learning app and the only one that has gone public. Duolingo is known for its fun, gamified language lessons. It provides courses in 38 languages with a focus on western languages like French and Spanish.

Duolingo Korean features gamified short lessons with a cute animated owl mascot that makes learning fun and encouraging. Many features like leveling-up, gaining presents, and keeping daily streaks make Korean learning with Duolingo more like playing a game. Beginner-level Korean lessons on Duolingo contain 2200+ words and 5600 + sentences. By immersing yourself in these words and sentences repetitively, Duolingo Korean helps you understand Korean in just 5 to 20 minutes a day.

The best part of Duolingo is that it’s totally free, although that also means you need to frequently watch ads that disrupt your attention. To eliminate the ads, you just need to pay $6.99 a month, which is more affordable compared to its competitors.

Best Korean learning app Duolingo

Try Duolingo: web | Android | iOS

Best App to Learn Korean with Tutors: iTalki

Rating: 4.7 out of5 on App Store

Key features:

  • Find certified tutors with experience in teaching Korean
  • 1-on-1 Korean lessons tailored just for you
  • Learn wherever and whenever you want

Suitable for: all levels of learners

Price: Tutors’ prices vary from $5 per hour to $40 per hour with trial lessons provided

If you prefer the old-school way of language learning, try iTalki. iTalki allows you to connect with Korean tutors from around the world and learn Korean with 1-on-1 lessons tailored just for you. Its price is relatively higher than language apps but still more affordable than language schools.

Korean learning with iTalki is pretty flexible in terms of time, place, and content. You can choose wherever and whenever you want to learn with a dedicated period of time (30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, or 90 minutes). Learning content is also up to you. If you have questions regarding some grammar points, simply schedule a lesson to find out the answer. If you wish to practice speaking and listening, book an hour with a native tutor!

Besides tutoring, iTalki also provides other features like community chat, podcast, vocabulary drills, etc. It’s an established language learning community with many good resources to discover.

Best Korean learning app iTalkiTry iTalki: web | Android | iOS

Best App to Learn Korean with Natives: HelloTalk

Rating: 4.7 out of 5 on App Store

Key features:

  • Chat with native speakers
  • Built-in translation and auto-correction
  • Learn by using the language

Price: Free with basic features or premium at $4.99 per month

Most suitable for: intermediate to advanced Korean learners who want to practice or make friends

If you are a social type of person and enjoy chatting with others, then you should try language exchange apps like HelloTalk. HelloTalk is a great app for you to learn Korean by chatting with native korean speakers. You can make friends with Korean speakers on the platform and talk to them wherever you want to. In return, you can teach others your native language. It’s particularly useful if you wish to go to Korea someday as you can make friends and get to know what life in South Korea is like in advance.

The app is specifically designed for social interactions, so it has many functions that facilitate chatting. For example, it has a built-in dictionary if you don’t understand a word, and it can auto-correct when you spell a word incorrectly. You can also use some general SNS app functions like video calls.

Best Korean learning app HelloTalk

Try HelloTalk: Android | iOS

Best App to Learn Korean Vocabulary: Drops

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 on App Store

Key features:

  • A large amount of useful words and phrases
  • Sleek UI design that helps you focus
  • Built-in spaced repetition system

Price: free with limited features, premium starts from 6.66 per month

Most suitable for: lower to intermediate Korean learners who wish to expand vocabulary

Drops is a gamified app specifically designed for learning vocabulary. If you feel overwhelmed by the Anki decks with thousands of words, try Drops instead.

Drops helps you practice essential Korean words in just 5 minutes a day. Its UI design is unique and engaging, creating an immersive learning experience to help you concentrate and learn Korean vocabulary stress-free.

Drops is particularly helpful for visual learners as each word comes with an animation to facilitate memorization. There is also a built-in spaced repetition system designed to help you remember vocabulary more efficiently. By just practicing a short time every day, you’ll be surprised at how fast your vocabulary grows.


Try Drops: Android | iOS

Best Korean Learning Dictionary App: Naver Dictionary

Rating: 4.7 out of 5 on App Store

Key features:

  • classical definitions and good examples
  • Accurate translation between Korean and English

Price: Free

Most suitable for: all Korean learners except absolute starters

Naver Dictionary is the go-to dictionary app for many Korean learners. It’s the most accurate and powerful Korean-English dictionary app that facilitates Korean learning.

Naver Dictionary uses detailed definitions with good examples. It also serves as a sort of streamlined search engine and provides word usages from around the web. It has a large database including slang terms and simple grammar points, which are particularly useful for language learners.

So as long as you know the fundamentals of the Korean language, Naver Dictionary can be a great partner on your Korean learning journey. Plus, it’s absolutely free!

Naver Dictionary

Try Naver Dictionary: Android | iOS | web

Best Korean Translation App: Papago

Rating: 4.7 out of 5 on App Store

Key features:

  • Accurate translation between Korean and English/Japanese
  • Translate text, image, voice, etc.

Price: free

Most suitable for: all levels of Korean learners

If you are still using Google Translate to learn Korean, I suggest you stop immediately as there is a much better alternative out there – Papago.

Papago is developed by Naver, the largest and most popular search engine in South Korea. Papago means “parrot” in Esperanto, alluding to language abilities. Papago is by far the most accurate and comprehensive translator for translating between Korean and English/Japanese. It has word explanations in both English and Korean. The app is available in 13 languages.

Papago is also a relatively developed translator with functions to not only translate text and sentences, but also images, voice, handwriting, etc. Whether you are learning Korean or need a translator, Papago should be your first choice.


Try Papago: Android | iOS

Best App to Practice Korean Speaking: Teuida

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 on App Store

Key features:

  • Interactive conversations
  • Real-life expressions taught by locals
  • Community discussion

Price: free with ads or premium starts from $14.99 per month

Most suitable for: beginner Korean learners focusing on speaking

If you want to speak in Korean from Day 1, then Teuida is the best app for you. Even without teaching the alphabet, Teuida can help you say some simple Korean phrases like “hello” and “thank you” through pre-recorded interactive videos. It also has a nice UI design that makes the whole learning process more enjoyable. The in-app community section allows learners to discuss questions related to learning Korean.

Teuida is a great option for those who wish to practice their Korean speaking skills in real-life situations. With Teuida, you can’t just skip the speaking part. So give it a try if you wish to speak Korean with confidence from Day 1!

TeuidaTry Teuida: Android | iOS

Best App to Learn Korean with K-dramas: Viki Rakuten

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 on App Store

Key features:

  • Large collection of native Korean movies, shows, etc.
  • ‘Learn Mode’ tailored for language learners
  • Free

Price: free with ads, subscription starts from $4.99 per month

Most suitable for: K-drama fans learning Korean

Viki Rakuten is the largest platform to watch Asian dramas, movies, tv shows, etc. With more than 1000 shows and movies, you can definitely find something that interests you. If you are a fan of Korean dramas, or Korean movies, don’t miss out on this great app to combine Korean learning with K-dramas!

Viki Rakuten is also friendly to language learners. The app has a ‘Learn Mode’ designed to improve your language skills (so far only available on web and iOS app). It allows you to toggle subtitles to display 2 languages at the same time or replay part of a sentence if you didn’t hear it clearly. Viki Rakuten also has a built-in dictionary function. Simply tap a word you don’t know and you’ll get its definition and pronunciation.

Viki Rakuten

Try Viki Rakuten: Android | iOS

Best App to Learn Korean with Podcast: TTMIK Audio

Rating: 3.9 out of 5 on the App Store

Key features:

  • Listen to audio tracks for TTMIK books
  • Adjust play speed for better understanding
  • Easily connect to your books through bar codes

Price: free audio, full course cost from $7.75 per month

Most suitable for: beginner to intermediate Korean learners

Talk to Me in Korean (TTMIK) is most well known for their Korean learning books. Now you can also download their audio app to facilitate your Korean learning with TTMIK. The app is called TTMIK: Audio.

Talk To Me In Korean is another great app to learn Korean with rich learning materials including text, audio, and video. It is developed by a young team in Seoul with constant content updates. Most of their content is on their website with a variety of free and paid material.

If you’ve been learning with TTMIK’s books, then TTMIK Audio is great for you as you can listen to the audio whenever and wherever you want to review what you’ve learned. If you learn with other main Korean resources, you can still use it for listening practice, especially if you just started out learning Korean.

One bug is that according to some reviews, the app sometimes crashes.

Best Korean learning app TTMIK

Try TTMIK Audio: Android | iOS

Thanks for reading so far. I hope you have found a suitable app to learn Korean. After all, the best app is the one that you use, and the best time to start is now.

Before you go, I wish to bring up our best pick again: LingoDeer. LingoDeer is the most comprehensive Korean learning app that helps you build a solid foundation. It’s the best choice for those who wish to learn Korean efficiently and effectively on their own. Give it a try for free!

Try LingoDeer for FREE


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Eleni Nanou
Eleni Nanou
1 year ago

Some other apps I enjoy using:
kGrammar – compact & easy to use to look up Grammar
Avocards – to learn and practice vocabulary
Sejong Hakdang apps – trustworthy and cute

blogger deer
blogger deer
1 year ago
Reply to  Eleni Nanou

Hi, thank you for the recommendations! Have you used any of the apps we listed above? What do you think?