[Webinar] Master Korean Speech Levels with Hyeon

Respect and etiquette are highly valued and widely practiced in Korean culture. Have you ever wondered what Speech levels are and how to use it?

If you answered yes, join our free live stream and enjoy a fun beginner lesson with Hyeon, your expert guide to the world of Korean!


Hello! My name is Hyeon Yeong Seo. I was born and raised in South Korea. I studied Korean Language and Literature at the university. I can speak Korean, English, Spanish and a little bit of Japanese. (And my next goal is to learn French!) I love teaching Korean to people who are willing to get to know about Korean language and culture.


When:  Thursday, June 18 at 8pm EST 

Where: Zoom (please install it before the event)


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Due to the high demand in the event, we must advise that seats for this live session are ***FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED***

Q: Will I need to show my face?
A: No. This is a webinar, where only the teacher will be on camera and share the screen.

Q: Is this event free?
A: Yes, this is a free event for LingoDeer users.

Q: Do I need to know Korean already?
A: No, this is an event for complete beginners.

If you don’t get a seat in the Zoom session, you can rewatch our webinars on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/lingodeer

14 thoughts on “[Webinar] Master Korean Speech Levels with Hyeon”

  1. Do you think you can to this again but at a different time? Because the time the time you’re doing this at is at 3 AM in my country. 🙁

  2. I’m excited because I couldn’t go to my last korean class because it was at 4:00 am for me but now this one is 7:00 pm where I live so I can participate!!!

  3. I’m so EXCITED🤩Luckily my test ends at 2:30PM and this korean class will begin 3:00PM Yay🥳(in Lebanon).

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