LingoDeer’s Confession ❤️

Hi dear,

Since it’s the time of the year, I finally mustered up the courage to tell you something.

Even if it may not be a big day for you, every day is like the Valentine’s Day for me.

Because for you, my deer,  I’d do everything to help you learn the language you love.




P.S. Are you learning a language for love? The LingoDeer community is a loving one, as many members are powered by the love for the significant others:

for friends:

for family:

for colleagues:

for people who were once strangers to us:

Are you learning for love?

Join the discussion #learning4love on any of our social channels Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (@lingodeerapp). ❤️

See you in the next lesson.

19 thoughts on “LingoDeer’s Confession ❤️”

  1. I wish it was a better day for me. I was joyful, and so excited to come here, but I fell into deep depression because of loneliness. Beside many medications, I’m still not there but. Hoping for in the next months or I will have to change country maybe. I love this one so much, always loved and worked it so much in the past. Let’s keep fingers crossed !

    1. Sorry to hear that you’re going through a tough time. One of our staff suggests try reaching out to other likeminded expats. Sometimes only another expat understands an expat’s sorrow.

  2. So nice of you, lingodeer! I’ve learned Korean so easily thank to this app. I’m grateful with the lingodeer developers and team.
    Happy Valentines!

  3. Thank you! Happy valentines and bookgiving day!

    I’m learning korean because I’m tired of waiting for novel translations 😂

    1. Olá, feliz dia dos namorados!!!❤️❤️❤️
      Sou brasileira e estou aprendendo inglês. Gosto muito do APP. Apesar de não ter muito tempo sempre aprendo alguma coisa.
      A professora Lili, Português/inglês é incrível !!👏👏👏

  4. Thank you for everything you do for me I’m learning Korean language very easy because of Lingo Deer. Although I don’t learn it everyday because of my school 😔, but it’s OK. I wish I could learn it faster and then I could be able to understand the Vlive of BTS without caption 😉💜. Thanks again and happy valentine day ❤.

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