What’s new on LingoDeer

Deer learners, we have some exciting updates to announce!

For those who have upgraded to the latest version of LingoDeer, embrace a brand new learning experience with our improved interface and content across all language courses! A redesigned Classic Mode, upgraded Challenge Mode are here to help you nail the trickiest part of language learning in no time!

We have also added more courses:

Fluent Spanish is available now! Why not check it out and learn some authentic conversational Spanish today?

French Accelerated 1&2 are in BETA! Try out this fast-paced route with a focus on colloquial skills and bring your French language to the next level!

Arabic Advanced 2 (BETA) is also here. This higher-level course is designed for those who wish to reach the intermediate level in Arabic. Give it a try and let us know your opinion!

We have also added the popular STORY feature to Russian 1&2! Deer Russian learners, enhance your reading and speaking skills with our short and fun stories!

New interface languages: Italian, Turkish, and Thai 😉

More bugs are fixed and some long-waited interface changes are made. (Dark mode is now working on all devices!)

As always, thank you for letting LingoDeer be your language learning buddy! You can help us get better by sending your feedback and suggestions to hi@lingodeer.com. For special offers and updates, follow us on all social media platforms (@lingodeer)

Happy learning!