What’s new in this update?

Android 2.99.25 and iOS 2.5.30

  • You can now learn Chinese with a male voice.
  • A summary page has been added upon finishing exercises in Review.

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Android 2.99 and iOS 2.5.14

  • Fluent Korean, Japanese and Chinese are on both apps!
  • Travel Phrasebooks are on both apps. (But I guess you won’t need them for recently…)

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Android 2.93 and iOS 2.5.10

  • Fluent Korean is in both latest iOS and Android apps. (Fluent Japanese will come to iOS in February 2020.)
  • Travel Phrasebooks for Korean, Japanese, Spanish, French and Russian are now in Android and coming to iOS in Feb 2020.

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Android 2.70
FRESH content for Japanese and Korean learners are coming!

  • Check out Fluent Japanese and Fluent Korean, dialogue-based lessons that will help you get better at speaking and listening. (For fast switching, tap the drop-down menu on the top left corner of the main screen.)
  • Learn Chinese with videos! Find them in lessons and the new video-based 5-Min Quiz!

This update also includes some interface design adjustments and bug fixes. Let us know if you like the new additions by sending us a message in Contact Us or on social media.

Android 2.61

  • Experimenting with a new look in Review and the finish pages. What do you think of the new design?

iOS 2.4 & Android 2.30

  • Added a male voice to ourJapanese courses and a female voice to our Korean courses! Finally…!!!!

iOS 2.3.3 & Android 2.26 (released on May 31-June 2)

  • Japanese 2 and Korean 2 are available in Traditional Chinese
  • Bug fixes
  • Android engineer decided to name version codes more generously

iOS 2.3 & Android 2.22 (released on May 17)

  • Enabled device keyboard in Pop Quiz. TYPE AWAY!
  • Added Stories for Japanese 2 and Chinese 2 for Android.

iOS 2.2.5 (released on May 10)

  • Added Stories for Japanese 2 and Chinese 2!!!
  • Other minor fixes.

iOS 2.2 (released on Apr 18) & Android 2.20 (released on Apr 17)

  • A new design for the summary page upon completion of a lesson! Hope you like it.
  • You can view a summary of the contents upon completion of a review session now.

iOS 2.1 (released on Apr 11) & Android 2.19.5 (released on Apr 10)

  • We enhanced Review! Now you can review weak items only, at most 50 items per round.
  • Audio autoplay has been disabled in some exercises to make things more challenging.
  • And all units are now automatically listed from the last to the first.
  • “Reminders” has been moved to “Settings”