LingoDeer Back2School Sale 2022

Looking for a quality language tool but on a budget? Waiting for a discount on LingoDeer lifetime? Good news, here is a chance to save 70% on LingoDeer LIFETIME!

From Jul 15 to Aug 31 2022, buy LingoDeer Lifetime and get LingoDeer Plus for FREE! With our special Back2School offer (70% OFF). You can get limitless access to ALL languages, ALL learning features, and contents are available ALL the time (even offline)! Learn at your own pace:)

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For those who are new here, LingoDeer is your go-to app to learn Korean, Japanese, and 10 more languages from scratch. Rated 4.9 out of 5 on Google Play, LingoDeer makes sure you learn your vocabulary, grammar, sentences and more in a fun and comprehensive way. LingoDeer has also won User’s Choice App and  Android Excellence Program in 2018, among the many positive voices from media and bloggers.

  • Business Insider, a financial and business news website, recommended LingoDeer as one of the best Korean learning apps (Oct 2021) [link]
  • YourStory recommended LingoDeer for learning languages intricately (Sep 2021) [link]
  • PC Mag, a leading authority on technology reviews, mentioned LingoDeer as one of the best apps for 2021 (Dec 2020) [link]
  • LingoDeer review by All Language Resources  [link]
  • LingoDeer review by Language Throne [link]
  • LingoDeer review by Actual Fluency [link]
  • LingoDeer review by TechJury [link]
  • One Step 4ward. LingoDeer review [link]
  • Crashed Culture. LingoDeer review. [link]

What about LingoDeer Plus? In short, LingoDeer Plus is the best addition to LingoDeer. With 11 types of gamified practices tailored for different levels of learners, LingoDeer Plus is your key to fluency – consistent practice!  Read our other article about LingoDeer Plus to learn more!


Happy learning!

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Please add Turkish! 🙏