Is LingoDeer Premium Worth It?

Great question! You probably want to hear it from those who’ve used LingoDeer for a while.

Chloe from England

“Before you know it you’re talking in sentences”

…and I always want to unlock the achievements and keep my study streak up. Each lesson is the perfect length, not too short or long so I can do a quick lesson wherever I am. I try and do all the lessons for each unit everyday, but it’s so addictive, sometimes I do more.”

Norbi from Canada

“No better resource for quick refreshers”

These days I still refer to the LingoDeer Lesson Tips, and Knowledge Cards, when I want to clarify something. They’re fantastically laid out, have built in human audio, and are in my pocket all the time. There’s really no better resource for quick refreshers.

Mari from Spain

“Closest thing to a textbook”

I feel like I have to keep talking about this app because it is really special and very, very complete. The method they have is the closet thing to a textbook you will get. I highly recommend this app for total beginners since it can really take you from A1 to B1.

Ally from France → Singapore

“Not that easy and always challenging!”

I especially like the tab “Fluent Japanese” on LingoDeer and the contents for intermediate/advanced learners, and also the games “Word Express”, “Memory Castle”, “Sea of Verbs” and “Speed Reply” on LingoDeer+. Usually when I spend time on the applications I combine all those contents, and it’s always satisfying since it’s not that easy and always challenging!

Phillip from Australia

“Don’t wait for the right moment”

Learning a language takes time, desire and persistence. The sooner you start, the better. With helpful language learning apps like LingoDeer, you can learn or practice any time of the day.”

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