Is LingoDeer Premium Worth It?

How real LingoDeer premium users feel about their decisions:

“I have been using Lingodeer for 2 years so far to learn Japanese. I’ve used Duolingo and other Japanese learning sites, but this app is by far the best I’ve encountered. It’s good as a self-learning tool, but even better as a supplement to lessons in an actual Japanese school. Premium looks pricey, but it’s an important investment if you’re learning a new language. Would definitely recommend getting it. P.S. I’m curious to know if more advanced Japanese courses will be available in the future.”

—- FutureSlav on Google Play, 04/08/2020


“I downloaded 5 language learning apps to help me learn Korean, but LingoDeer is the only one that has helped me. It is perfectly paced— I never feel like I’m wasting time learning the same 3 words over a 15 minute period, yet I never feel overwhelmed. It teaches vocabulary and sentence structure at the same time, and the repetition helps ingrain the language into my brain while not being tedious. It makes learning a brand new language less frustrating and more fun. I highly recommend it. For anyone who is unsure about the price: everyone learns in different ways at a different pace, but for me it is the best language app I’ve found and I’ll happily support the creators of an app that is so well-developed.”

—- RoseEarlGrey on AppStore, 05/05/2020


“This is by far the best language app I have ever used and was worth every penny. It is so important that apps go into detail about the structure of a sentence and what each part means. It is the only way you will truly learn a language, yet no app I have previously tried has done so. This app explains things in a way I can understand, and I have remembered more using this than I have my entire time learning spanish in school. 10/10 would reccommend to anyone trying to learn a new language.”

—- Uh Excuse me? on Google Play, 04/05/2020


“This app explains culture; conjugation of adjectives and verbs; concept of topic marking particles; and sentence structure much better than other apps. From what I have tried I think this app explains these important concepts better and earlier than competitors. Other apps have been more focused on memorizing characters, words, and phrases which are not fully useful without understanding important linguistic concepts focused on in this app. I think a subscription to this app would be a good investment to speed up language learning.”

—- Wa11i5 on AppStore, 04/28/2019


“I’ve been trying to find a language app like this for a while! Not only does it really help you understand the basics, it provides very in depth knowledge and understanding about the language before each lesson so you’re not completely lost! The audio is great and the little games are get for learning. And even if you don’t know something, context clues make it easy for you to pick up what a word means. Best spend of money ever! Highly recommend.”

—- Miss Moon on Google Play, 04/18/2020


“The structure and flow of the curriculum is very organized and effective. It never feels like a chore to open the app and easily spend more than an hour learning the language of choice. I didn’t second guess purchasing the 1-year subscription; if anything it’ll encourage you to study even more. And if I choose I could study another language offered on here as well. I am curious when other languages will be added considering this has been one of the most useful language resources I’ve found yet. If LingoDeer added Italian also I’d easily purchase the lifetime membership!”

—- E.S.Kyle on AppStore, 01/20/2020

Did you know? By completing just 2 lessons a day on LingoDeer, you will reach B1 in your target language in 6-9 months (depending if you count weekends)?

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