Chinese 101 with Evelyn on June 5

Learning Chinese is more fun and motivating if you can learn with a teacher, right?

Meet your guide to the world of Chinese in our live stream and enjoy a fun beginner lesson with Evelyn!


Hello! I’m Evelyn. I live in Shanghai, China. I am a certified Chinese as a second language teacher LTL Shanghai, a school that offers intensive Chinese learning programs. My passion is to teach Chinese and I’m looking forward to meet you!


Friday, June 5, 2020 at 8pm EST

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Q: Will I need to show my face?
A: No. This is a webinar, where only the teacher will be on camera and share the screen.

Q: Is this event free?
A: Yes, this is a free event for LingoDeer users.

Q: Do I need to know Chinese already?
A: No, this is an event for complete beginners.

Due to the high demand in the event, we must advise that seats for the this live session are ***FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED***

If you don’t get a seat in the Zoom session, you can join the live session on our Facebook:

We’re excited to see you in Chinese 101 with LingoDeer.



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